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Ahoy!Everyone's Personal Assistant

We have all faced unique situations where we wish there could be someone that has been in our shoes and could just give us a few pointers. But in real life, this "someone" is usually beyond reach of our own connections. And that is where Ahoy comes to help!

My Role:
Co-founder & Designer
Ahoy Technologies, Inc

What Ahoy Is

Ahoy is a marketplace that connects people who seek personalized advice, with experienced entrepreneurs, like you, who may want to share their unique insights and make money in the meanwhile, just like the Warren Buffett lunch auction.

Ahoy! Everyone's personal assistant!

As Airbnb is seen as a better platform for subleasing than Craigslist, we see Ahoy as a friendlier and safer place for seeking personalized advice than Reddit AMA. There have been more than 18,000 AMA discussions last month, btw.

How Ahoy Works

Here is the demo video showcasing the user scenario and app flow.

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